Genital Aesthetics by Laser

Genital Aesthetics by Laser

ery good aesthetic and functional results are obtained in laser applications applied to the genital area. In our Istanbul and Ankara clinics, carbon dioxide lasers are used. Advantages of genital area laser applications which are spreading all over the world:

  • Does not require operating room conditions,
  • No incision is made,
  • No anesthesia is required,
  • Almost no side effects,
  • Very comfortable healing period,
  • No resting is needed,
  • No painful procedure,
  • Very short duration accepted as ‘Lunchtime’ management.

Aesthetic genital operations by laser

Laser vaginal rejuvenation and laser applications to the genital area are most commonly for vaginal tightening, rejuvenation and increasing sexual pleasure. Vaginal tightening with the laser is also known as ‘Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation’ (LVR). It is a painless and non-surgical treatment which lasts for approximately 10-20 minutes. There are almost no risks. It does not require anesthesia.

Treatment of stress incontinence

Women may begin to have complaints of sagging and urinary incontinence over the time after vaginal delivery. Urinary incontinence problem is solved at 1-2 sessions with the laser. The same application provides tightening in the vagina.

Genital area bleaching with laser

In many women, discoloration and darkening occur in the genital area over the time. Vagina bleaching can be made with the laser on the outer genital area. In this way, it has become possible to obtain a lighter, vivid and pinkish appearance.

Tightening labia majora with laser

Saggings and wrinkles on labia majora which is covered with hair and placed in the outer part of genital area can be corrected with laser technology without operation. Laser increases subcutaneous collagen and provides tightening, filling in outer lips.

Laser in the reduction of inner labia

In some women, inner labia can get longer, wider, folded and wrinkled with congenital or acquired reasons. Surgical incision can be made with the laser in the reduction of inner labia (Labiaplasty).

Forming skin foldings in the vagina with the laser (Vaginal rugation with the laser)

One of the most important points that increases pleasure during sexual intercourse is mucosal folds in the vagina called de ‘Rugae’. These vaginal rugae increase friction and pressure in sexual intercourse and increase pleasure during sexual intercourse in both partners.

In case of flattening of these rugae, sexual pleasure may decrease in the male and female partner. Vaginal rugae can be made more prominent by a single session with the laser.

Genital wart treatment with laser

Genital warts and condylomas caused by HPV infections can be treated with the laser under local anesthesia without pain and incision.