Laser Genital Bleaching

Laser Genital Bleaching

In order to solve this problem, genital area bleaching and whitening treatments give very satisfactory results. Laser whitening or bleaching therapies are a kind of peeling process and one of genital aesthetics procedures.

Why does outer genital area darken?

Outer genital area can be darkened or discolored over the time with different reasons. This situation may cause aesthetic discomfort in women. Below factors play roles in darkening of the outer genital area:

  • Estrogen hormone
  • Sunlight
  • Having dark skin
  • Pregnancy
  • Use of birth control pills (OCS)
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Some hormonal disorders
  • Epilation of genital area with wax or laser.

Why is laser bleaching done?

Darkening on genital area can psychologically affect women. It causes a lack of self-confidence and embarrassment of the genital area during sexual intercourse. The ideal appearance is pinkish, fuller and shiny.

How is laser bleaching done?

Genital area bleaching with laser usually lasts for 20-30 minutes on average. Local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia can be applied. After bleaching with the laser, the main principle is to peeling the upper skin layer, which is called as ‘epidermis’ by thermal effect of the laser. In this way, dark color will disappear and vivid, shiny and pinkish skin will appear.

In general, one session is sufficient. Multiple sessions can be performed where necessary. Even with a single session, bleaching can be achieved by 30-40%, so results are very satisfying.

Results of laser bleaching usually appear after 1 month.

Laser bleaching treatments with the labiaplasty  operation

Darkening on outer lips are usually accompanied by color and shape problems in inner lips. While labiaplasty  is done for inner lips, it is possible to apply laser bleaching to outer lips at the same session. After genital bleaching with the laser, appearing tissue will be healthier with light, pinkish and shiny color.

Laser vulvar tightening  

Due to the thermal (heat-transmitting) and ablative (destructive) effects of laser, a temporary bruising occurs in the tissue. Thus, production of connective tissue (lymph) increases by restorative cells moving through this area and rejuvenation, fullness and shiny appearance are seen on the tissue.

For this reason, carbon dioxide laser application can be made with carbon dioxide lasers for women who have collapses, wrinkles, tissue weakness problem to provide genital area a fuller appearance.

In the same way, genital Radiofrequency (RF) applications can also provide a fuller and shiny appearance to the outer genital area.

How much does laser genital bleaching treatment cost?

Treatment costs of laser genital bleaching and tightening vary depending on pricing policy of the doctor or health institution, the width of the procedure and anesthesia method to be applied.